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Universities & Research Institutes

Foresight has a long history of supporting universities and research institutes around the world. Whether expert assessment of a technology’s commercial potential is needed, or support finding industry partners or licensing a portfolio, Foresight can help.

Foresight has particular interest in working with small or startup university technology commercialization programs where we can leverage our expertise and professional experience for their benefit. We are interested in providing professional solutions, raising awareness and building capacity where it is desired.

In the University sector Foresight has had a longstanding relationship with Florida State University providing market assessment and licensing support since 2004, the University of Texas (multiple campus contract) since 2008 and assisting with establishing a technology transfer office at University of Northern Colorado. Outside of the USA, Foresight has been working with the University of Southampton since 2010, University of Liverpool since 2013, and The Chinese University of Hong Kong since 2014.

Government Agencies & Funding Bodies

Since Foresight was founded, we have provided support to government bodies in a number of different ways. Foresight’s role has evolved as the needs of the client have changed. The sector has matured with more of an emphasis on pre-funding review of commercialization plans (due diligence) and providing licensing and partnering opportunities in addition to the technology assessments. We also have strengths in helping shape policies and designing new programs. Our services in this sector have included:

  • Due diligence and funding decision-making
    Foresight has the expertise to analyze the technical and commercial potential of new innovations, business plans and programs.
  • Business Development
    Whether supporting the marketing of technologies developed under your programmes, encouraging support or industry engagement, Foresight can help.
  • Training
    Foresight has a wide range of courses and experience delivering training to government bodies and their private sector customers.

Our clients in this field include the US Department of Energy, (DOE) the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the US National Space and Aeronautics Administration (NASA), the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Singaporean National Medical Research Council (NMRC), SPRING Singapore and the Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) South Africa, to see a full list of our customers please click here.

Investors & Entrepreneurs

Market, technology & IP assessments are critical in making informed decisions. Whether you are:

  • Validating information before an investment decision
  • Investigating a new market
  • Providing to a client a commercial potential report; or
  • Identifying potential partners for your venture

Foresight is able to provide high quality commercial analysis reports in a fast and reliable manner. If you have your own in-house market research team, Foresight’s T2+2® product.  This is a web portal through which technology and market due diligence can be carried out. Further details can be found here.


Small and Medium Size Enterprises

Perhaps our largest client segment, Foresight has successfully supported SMEs throughout the world for many years.  Whether a small technology-focused startup, or a growing medium sized business looking at different technology areas, Foresight can help. Support we offer SMEs includes:

  • Market Assessment
  • Identifying different technology applications, and new business lines
  • Generating commercialization and business plans
  • Revenue predictions
  • IP Portfolio Assesment


Large Companies

Thanks to our large involvement with the R&D community both in the public and private sector, and a number of individuals with experience in managing new prduct lines and IP at large MNCs, Foresight is perfectly placed to help support a large company’s IP management process.

Services in this sector have included:

  • IP identification and management process review
  • Assessment of tangible assets that could be leveraged further
  • Technology Scouting
  • Collaborative research project identification
  • IP landscaping and analysis